Upstairs Apartment

The kitchen

This house was constructed with the blood, sweat and tears of one man, a former stone mason.  We wanted to respect all his efforts and at the same time introduce some local history, so we scoured the area and found a cabinet maker who uses salvaged items from Andalucian mills and monasteries.  He lovingly transformed a pair of 250 year old doors into your kitchen table top, which is now protected with a 3 metre reinforced plate glass cover to ensure many more years of wonderment over what those doors may have witnessed..

Corridor to shower

This way to the shower

Your Apartment

The Bathroom

As a work in progress - it was coming along nicely, but you know how it is - a tweak here and there just wont cut it...  May we present your new bathroom


The Spanish call it a Summer kitchen - our mission is to live outside as much as possible so here is the Karma Bar & Grill.

To this end Steve has designed our ideal space - we hope you get as much pleasure using it as we have had creating it.

And please don't forget the facilities ...